The Breed Archive

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Looking back at the roots of a breed and documenting its individuals' ancestry is important for planning its future. And it can even help a breed to survive. We believe in the power of people's passion for their pets and their dedication to their favourite breed. The Breed Archive offers you a platform for a breed's history and future, bringing together breed enthusiasts from all over the world.


The Breed Archive grew out of a project that started in 2006, called The Whippet Archives – an online pedigree database. Whippet lovers worldwide provide and maintain the content for it. Increasingly popular, it was when breeders and owners from other breeds started to show interest in the site that the idea was born for The Breed Archive.

About us

We are a small group of people, all with a professional background in software and web application development and with a variety of private interests, ranging from animals to sports to literature. We share a belief in the idea of creating a worldwide platform and resource for all kinds of animal breeds, built and maintained by those who know and cherish these breeds best: their owners and breeders.

Breeds available in The Breed Archive

Where is my breed?

We are only getting started and the list of breeds we are hosting will grow over time.

Please let us know about the breeds you want to see on The Breed Archive.