A warm welcome to the Mudi!

The alert and versatile Mudi has recently joined The Breed Archive family.

This Hungarian herding dog has been around since the 19th century. It is said that the Mudi developed from crosses between the Puli, Pumi and German Shepherd or Spitz breeds.

The Mudi is small to medium in size, well proportioned with prick ears and wavy or curly hair. The most common colour is black, the coat is weatherproof and easy to groom.

The Mudi is a rather rare breed, but it is gaining popularity. Size, structure and the will to please make these dogs perfect companions in many canine sports. In agility, one can observe a significant increase in the medium size category of Mudi to be top ranked.

These active, eager and intelligent herding dogs, are not for everyone, as they need frequent exercise and mental stimulation. In training they dislike repetition but otherwise are quick to learn. They can be reserved towards strangers.