Mate Matcher - stud search

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The Breed Archive has become an important source of information and an essential tool for breeders worldwide.

The idea of supporting breeders even better with a breeding tool to help them find suitable stud dogs was already in our minds a few years ago - the restrictions on dog events due to Covid have increased the need for such a tool.

Today, we are proud to finally present you this tool, our Mate Matcher.

Mate Matcher results

It took a lot of preparatory work and time to create the necessary data basis. You can still contribute by entering your stud dog's data as completely as possible and keeping it up to date, and by linking your person entry to your user account, so that direct contact between breeders and stud dog owners is possible.

So how does Mate Matcher work?

You will find the link to the Mate Matcher in the menu of your user account.

Mate Matcher link in the user account menu

The prerequisite is that your user account must be linked to your person entry which needs the location information filled in.

In case you haven't done this yet, go to your person page, make sure that both city and country info is filled and hit the "That's me" button.

Step 1

In the first step you will see the three basic filters for distance, age of the stud dog and number of previous litters. You can simply use the pre-selected settings or adapt them to your needs.

Mate Matcher basic filters

Please note that we calculate the distance as the crow flies and that the driving distance will be longer.

Step 2

Clicking on the search button will take you to the results page, where you can browse through the individual dog entries, or on the left-hand side you can further narrow down your search by activating additional filters.

Mate Matcher results

The advanced filter allows you not only to search for stud dogs with relevant health and DNA tests or to exclude stud dogs with too high inbreeding coefficient, but you can also specify preferences for size, colour or specific country of standing. 

Mate Matcher - advanced filters

Please note: As the information whether a dog is approved for breeding is still missing for many dog entries, we have not activated this option by default for the time being in order not to limit the results too much.

However, you can of course do this for your searches by manually activating the option in the filter.

Important notice

Not only when indicating whether a dog is approved for breeding, but also with all other information, we would like to point out that this data is entered by the users of the archive and therefore its correctness and validity cannot be guaranteed.

The Mate Matcher tool is intended to be a first aid and orientation for new, but also already established breeders and of course every breeder must confirm the correctness of the data and the suitability of the stud dog for breeding by contacting and personally communicating in detail with the respective stud dog owner before the actual mating.

Details and contact options

Details view with contact options

If you click on a result entry on the results page, the detail view for this dog will open, giving you more information about the dog, including the breeder and the owner. If owners or breeders have linked their person entries to their user accounts, then there is also the possibility of exchanging messages directly via the contact button.

In the detail view, you can also navigate easily and comfortably from one dog to the next using the arrow keys or the arrow buttons.

How can I save my search settings?

Mate Matcher - save a search

This is very easy! In the advanced filter area you will find a link to save the current filter settings. All you have to do is enter a name for your search and you will find it in the "Saved searches" area just below the basic filter (on the Step 1 screen).

Mate Matcher - list of saved searches

How can I use the Mate Matcher function?

To use Mate Matcher, you need our new Breeder Subscription, which includes the stud dog search, all the features of the former subscription, allows you to upload a total of 300 additional photos, and confirms your identity so that other users can trust your user information.

More features are coming soon and currently you can save 33% on the annual breeder subscription, which means you only pay for 8 months as we give you 4 months for free!