A warm welcome to the Tibetan Terriers!

The affectionate, alert and sensitive Tibetan Terrier has recently joined The Breed Archive family.

This breed has existed for at least 2,000 years coming from a region of Tibet known as the "Lost Valley", so named because an earthquake destroyed the access road to the valley in the 14th century.

Tibetan Terriers were considered lucky charms, often given as gifts to bring fortune to friends or neighbours. Visitors to the "Lost Valley" were often given these dogs as gifts to ensure a safe way home on the dangerous journey.

These dogs are agile, athletic and well equipped to traverse the snowy mountains of Tibet. One of their characteristic features is their flat, snowshoe-like feet.

Despite its name, the Tibetan Terrier is not a terrier, but a typical Asian dog and its temperament and tasks are similar to those of a herding and watch dog. This breed is known for its spirited and affectionate nature, intelligence, loyalty and playful demeanour, while it is often reserved or cautious towards strangers.