Welcome the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!

The active, enduring and intelligent Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have recently joined our Breed Archive platform.

The breed originated in the Little River District of Nova Scotia's Yarmouth County and was originally known as the 'Yarmouth Toller' or the 'Little River Duck Dog'.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was recognised by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1945, received FCI recognition in 1981 and finally in 2003 the breed was approved in the AKC.

Tollers are named for their ability to lure waterfowl into shooting range by arousing their curiosity. This old hunting technique is known as "tolling".

The breed is highly intelligent, easy to train and has great endurance. A strong and able swimmer, he is a natural and tenacious retriever on land and from water.

These red tornadoes have a medium-length, water-repellent double coat with a soft, dense undercoat that needs frequent brushing to keep the undercoat free from matting.