Meet the Russian Toy!

The Russian Toys are small and lively dogs originally bred in Russia from the English Toy Terrier back in the 18th century. Being very popular with the Russian aristocracy for a long time, they were nearly wiped out in the communist revolution of 1917.

The development of the long-haired variety is said to be based on a unique puppy - with ear fringing and feathering on its tail and legs - born in 1958 to a pair of smooth coated parents. In fact, however, it remains unclear whether a mutation or the crossing with other small breeds was responsible for the appearance of the long-haired variety.

The smooth-haired variety was previously known as the Russian Toy Terrier and the long-haired as the Moscow Long-Haired Toy Terrier. Later the term "Terrier" was dropped from the breed's name.

The Russian Toy is a very small dog with long legs, fine bones and lean muscles. The smooth-coated dog has a short and shiny coat, while the long haired variety has a longer coat and distinct feathering on ears, legs and tail.

Russkiy Toys are cheerful, active and curious and have a strong bond with their family. As they were originally bred as ratters and watch dogs, they tend to be very vocal and can be rather reserved towards strangers.