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Facts page

While breeders and owners of a breed immediately start browsing the Breed Archive and lose themselves in pedigrees, it is a bit more difficult for people who do not yet own the breed and therefore do not yet belong to the respective community.

Therefore, we would like to enable people who are not yet familiar with the breed to get to know it better. For this purpose we have created a new page - the facts page - for the time being only for the breeds Whippet and Saluki, but more will follow soon. On the facts page we deal intensively with the history, character and health of the breed.

About Whippet - fact page (screenshot)

In addition, users of the respective Breed Archives are invited to vote on the characteristics of "their" breed. After all, we think that those who actually own or have owned dogs of a particular breed can best make statements about their character and qualities and we hope for lively participation in voting!

Vote on: Whippet, Saluki

Whippet characteristics - voting feature

Active in sports

Furthermore, we would like to introduce you to another very useful new feature in this blog post. Since recently it is possible to indicate in each dog entry in which sports the respective dog is active.

Screenshot showing how to add sport activity to your dog's entry

This way, e.g. Frisbee freaks, Agility cracks or Dock Diving maniacs can be marked and later easily be found in the search.

Search filters and results of dogs active in Agility & Jumping, Parkour

Have fun with the new features and we look forward to active usage and participation!